Board of Directors

Voting Members
President - Jack Womack
Vice President - James Guthrie
Secretary - Bob Doley
Treasurer - Jerry Britain
Alonzo, Edward
Cowart, Mel
Harris, Alma
Jackson, James
Kaizer, Kevin
McWhinnie, Leah
Morris, Tina
Snyder, Walter
Hank Lamb - Executive Director
HOST CONGEGATIONS AND RECRUTING – Hank Lamb and the Board of Directors
DAY CENTER – Kevin Kaizer,  Tina Morris, Chuck Rosenbaum, Walter Snyder
TRANSPORTATION – James Jackson, Danny Kilcoyne
FUNDRAISING -  Alma Harris, James Guthrie, Hank Lamb, Kim Kankel, Sherie Cantrell, Debbie Moseley, Robert Harris, Pam Guthrie
FINANCE – Mel Cowart, Bob Doley, James Guthrie, Jack Womack