Family Promise of Southeast Harris County

With you, your family and the congregation in your place of worship, 
we can help homeless children and their families find home!

Welcome to Family Promise

Southeast Harris County experiences the same problems as other metropolitan areas...
like homeless children and their families. 
This organization exists to do something about homelessness,
especially where homeless children and their families are involved.
We are a community response to homelessness, working with many local churches, existing local services and an experienced staff to assist homeless families as they work hard to get back on their feet and into long-term or permanent housing. 

If your church is not involved, you can help by bring this work to the attention of you Pastor or Ministry Committee.

Family Promise is dedicated to helping homeless families obtain the resources they need to make a new start.  What we do in working with the parents in these families is important, but it's even more important for their children. 

We offer Case Management and safe shelter for 90 days, while families gain employment, save their money and find affordable housing, all while making sure their children are in proper day care or school.

We need the faith community to make it work for the families.

Is your congregation helping? 

We are not a shelter, but a rigorous program of assistance
with a number of requirements and expectations
for staff, volunteers and the families themselves.


Local congregations, like yours, provide a safe place for the families to sleep, one week per congregation, once every three months.

Volunteers greet, provide a communally shared meal, spend the evening in normal family activities such as helping with homework, watching TV, etc.  Then at least two members of the congregation stay overnight with the families in their church's building.

In the morning, a quick breakfast is provided, such as cereal, other snack type foods, lunches are made, or leftovers from the night before are packed for the families to take with them, as they leave the church until the next evening.


To write us a letter or donate by check, send to:


Family Promise of Southeast Harris County
General Fund

P.O. Box 7333
Pasadena, Texas 77508


Visit us at:

Family Promise Day Center
2723 Lilac, Pasadena, TX 77503
(Just of Beltway 8 and Spencer Hwy)


For more information or to make a referral, please contact:


Hank Lamb
Executive Director
Phone: 281-991-1084

Giving helps us help homeless families.
Isn't it time?

Texas Time

Did you know?
Each year in Harris County, there are: 
32,000  homeless?
37% are families w/children or 3500 homeless families.
23% of all homeless are children or 7300 homeless children!
and there are no  shelters in our area for whole families?

Now ask yourself...

What if you had no home or anyone to shelter you?
What if your kids were hungry and scared, sleeping in the back seat of your car, while you sat up all night, worried, in the front?
How would that feel?
Should we help?
If the answer is "yes",
call us at:

We need your church to help!
It takes only one week per quarter, 
with no special facilities and it costs as little as $300 per year.
As few as 12 volunteers can handle it.
 (6-10 really hard-working volunteer could do it, in a pinch)